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Our Approach

“Finding The Right Fit” can only be accomplished with a thorough understanding of each entity we are connecting. When you choose us as your recruiting partner, we make it a priority to learn as much as we can about you – your company structure, your company culture, your products, your clients, your business objectives and your requirements. Then and only then are we in a position to act as an extension of your staff and market your company to those candidates you want to attract.


Likewise, once we have targeted the type of candidate and skill set that best meets your requirements, we utilize state of the art technology and our extensive network to identify passive job seekers of whom you would not otherwise be aware. Once identified, each candidate is thoroughly vetted against your requirements to narrow the pool so that you will only be presented with those candidates representing the best fit.

We take our partnership with you very seriously. It is our corporate mission to help you achieve yours.

Some typical steps involved in each search process are as follows:
  • Client Briefing
  • Client Education
  • Strategic Recruiting Plan Development
  • Position Description Development
  • Exhaustive Candidate Research And Identification
  • Comprehensive Candidate Vetting
  • Presentation Of Candidates
  • Interview Planning
  • Interview Debriefs
  • Confidential Reference Checks
  • Offer Preparation And Presentation
  • Candidate Transition Consulting
  • Client And New Hire Follow Up


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